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Our mission has faced some major obstacles and continues to face serious challenges, but it also has great potential. However, we cannot do it on our own and we encourage Orthodox Christians around the world to partner with us. You can help us by:

Urgent Once-Off Needs

12814774_1038496012884255_2689692389472977305_nThe old house on the mission property is urgently in need of repairs. It was recently broken into and seriously damaged and is vulnerable to further damage until security is improved. Once that is done, more repairs will also be needed. We discovered last year that there was a termite infestation and, when the termites were dealt with, it was discovered that they had done significant damage to the electrical wiring and the roof trusses.

We want to be able to use the house for catechetical activities, children’s activities, and a possible food kitchen. But it is impossible to use it until it is better secured, and other significant improvements will also need to be done as soon as we can afford them.

We have set up a YouCaring appeal for this specific need, but you can also make a once-off donation by PayPal at the link below. We are working on providing a local donation option for South African supporters.

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Ongoing Support

For the mission to function properly, and for us to carry out the projects described here, we need a modest ongoing budget of around $1000 per month. This will cover a small part-time stipend for two or three people engaged in the mission (who are otherwise self-supporting), the upkeep of the Church and grounds, the running of workshops, the building up of a library, the publishing of basic materials on the Orthodox faith, together with other operating expenses. If 100 people can commit themselves to giving us $10 or R100 a month (or if 40 people can commit themselves to giving us $25 or R250 per month), it will make a significant difference to what we are able to do.

You can commit yourself to contributing towards our ongoing expenses by making a monthly donation via Paypal by clicking on the links below:

There will soon also be a local donation option for South African supporters.